Apple excels over Samsung – iPhone sales are breaking new records

Apple officially announced its financial report for the last quarter of 2016. It reveals a 5% growth in smartphone sales. Namely, the iPhone models generated two-thirds of all Apple sales made in that. The revenue has risen with 3% marking the record $78.4 billion. The prices of stocks have also risen – now one stock is worth around $125. However, the Chinese market remains tough as local manufacturers are not letting the Californian giant to raise its market share.

Statistics brought by Strategy Analytics show that for the first time in five years Apple has managed to surpass its biggest competitor in the smartphone market – Samsung. According to the statistics, Apple has raised its iPhone sales to 78.3 million while the Soth Korean company’s sales have dropped to 77.5 million. Of course, the good iPhone sales are not the only reason for this turn out – a major role has been played by the discontinuance of the Galaxy Note 7.  Numbers show that Apple holds 17.8% of the smartphones sales while Samsung is accountable for 17.7%. The other members of the top five are the Chinese Huawei (10.2%), OPPO (6.7%) and Vivo (5.8%). All other manufacturers fall in the Others section which holds 41.7%.

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