Engineers developed a technology that will lower our mobile device’s power consumption

Wi-Fi Passive is a new technology which will reduce the power consumption of the wireless connection. We live in a time where everybody uses Wi-Fi on a daily basis and if there is something to increase our device’s battery life there would be one less thing to worry about. Thanks to the engineers at the University of Washington this is already possible via Wi-Fi Passive. They have reached speeds up to 11 Mbps and are working on improving them.

But how does it work? Normally, the transmission is made by a group of digital and analog signals that send packages of information which are being decoded on your device. The new technology splits the signals and sends them to the device generating the Wi-Fi signal. The reflected packages are getting caught by a selective array with the help of the passive connection. The power consumption is between 15 and 60 microwatts which is 10 000 times less than the present models.

It’s a small step but we hope that it will start a new era in the power efficiency of mobile devices.

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