The new BiCS3 64-Layer 3D NAND by WD brings bigger SSDs at lower prices

westerndigitalWestern Digital is one of the most famous hard disk drives manufacturers. The products of this American company along with those of Seagate are the most sought after because of their quality. On the other hand, SSDs are growing more and more popular on the market, and this is why WD in partnership with Toshiba developed a flash storage of this kind that shall be used in their future drives.

The new NAND flash storage is a refreshed version of the one that can be observed in Samsung 850 EVO or Crucial MX300. We are again talking about a vertical 3D NAND but it can now take twice as many layers of memory cells – 64 instead of 32 (in the above-listed models). Additionally, the technology is called BiCS3 and, according to the manufacturer, the first models to feature the new 3D NAND flash memory will feature a 256Gbit chip capacity that can be doubled. This means that we may very well witness devices with great storage capacities for our data – we must not forget that Samsung released a 4TB SSD 850 EVO. Western Digital announced that this type of SSDs will be released in the first half of 2017.

You can browse through all currently available Western Digital devices here:

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