What do you want LaptopMedia to improve on in 2017?

Happy New Year!

Of course, we wish you happiness, joy and good moments in the year to come! But let’s get straight to the real questions here. We think about improvement every day, so we can provide you with the most accurate, unbiased, in-depth and easy to understand reviews. Besides that, we are working on so much new and interesting projects that we could easily miss something that is of significant importance to you.

What better moment to think about changes than the first sunrise of the new year? We’d be very happy to hear some feedback from you if you have thought about ideas or requests for us and our work. We can’t promise that we’ll do everything since some of the requests you have sent us require a higher budget than what we can spare right now but we’ll definitely take into account and think about your wishes. Of course, we’ll be very grateful if you decide to contribute to LaptopMedia and our laboratory.

Last but not least, please choose what you’d like to find in LaptopMedia in the new year:

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7 年 之前

Please stop with the piece-meal releases of review results. Keep information on the screen or CPU in the review.