• CPU: Intel Core i7-8550U
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 (2GB GDDR5)
  • Anzeige: 15.6”, Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS
  • Lagerung: 1000GB SSD
  • RAM: 16GB DDR4, 2400 MHz
  • Gewicht: 1.77 kg (3.9 lbs)


  • Stable and rigid chassis that has undergone MIL-STD-810G military tests
  • Thin (18.25 mm) and ultra light (1.77 kg)
  • A special cover to protect the keys and touchpad from wearing out
  • Spill-resistant keyboard
  • Long battery life
  • Thunderbolt port
  • Easy to get inside and upgrade
  • PWM-free across all brightness levels (for the Full HD AUO23ED version)
  • NFC module for wireless data transfer (optional)
  • 4G Internet support (for some configurations)


  • Modest coverage of the sRGB gamut and inaccurate colors (for the Full HD AUO23ED version)

HP ZBook 15u G5 - Technische Daten

CPU-Leistung #99
  • Intel Core i7-8650U 3.2%
  • Intel Core i7-8550U
  • Intel Core i5-8250U 3.8%
GPU-Leistung #148
  • AMD Radeon Vega 9 0.5%
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX250 (10W) 1.2%
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 (2GB GDDR5)
  • NVIDIA GeForce MX230 (2GB GDDR5) 0.4%
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics G7 1.1%
  • AMD Radeon RX 540 (2GB GDDR5) 0.2%
15.6”, Full HD (1920 x 1080), IPS
panel 1
AUO AUO23ED (B156HW02 V.3)
Farbgenauigkeit 5.4 -> 3.8
M.2 Slot
1x 2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe M.2 slot Siehe Foto
16GB DDR4, 2400 MHz
Windows 10 Pro
56Wh, 3-cell
Gehäuse Material
Aluminum, Magnesium alloy
370 x 252 x 18 mm (14.57" x 9.92" x 0.71")
1.77 kg (3.9 lbs)
Ports und Konnektivität
  • 1x USB Type-A 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbps)
  • 1x USB Type-A 3.2 Gen 1 (5 Gbps)
  • 1x USB Type-C 3.2 Gen 2 (10 Gbps)
  • HDMI
  • Kartenleser SD, SDHC, SDXC
  • Ethernet LAN Gigabit Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2x2)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Audio jack
  • Smart card reader
  • Fingerabdruckleser
  • Web-Kamera 720p HD
  • Hintergrundbeleuchtete Tastatur
  • Mikrofon Dual-Array Microphone
  • Lautsprecher Bang & Olufsen stereo speakers
  • Optisches Laufwerk
  • Sicherheitsschloss Schlitz


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Alle sehen HP ZBook 15u G5 Konfigurationen

Anzeige: 15.6-inch, 1920 x 1080, IPS

Name AUO AUO23ED (B156HW02 V.3)
Diagonale 15.6"
Pixel density 141.21 ppi
Helligkeit 257 cd/m2
sRGB 53%
PWM-Frequenz No PWM (Flicker-Free)
Panel Type IPS
Auflösung 1920 x 1080
Wird zu "Retina" von 24 inches (62 cm)
Kontrast 1330:1
dE Color Checker 5.4 3.8
PWM-Bewertung 10.0: (safe)
Kaufen Sie unsere Profile hier


The first and most important profile (in our opinion) is the Health-Guard – when being used with our LM Profiles application, Health-Guard eliminates the harmful Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) and reduces the negative Blue Light which affects our eyes and body.

Since it’s custom tailored for every panel, it manages to keep the colors perceptually accurate (they may seem strange at first but after a few minutes our brain will start recognizing them as accurate ones – that’s how Health-Guard differs from alternatives like f.lux).

Left: No Profile | Drag the slider to see the difference | Right: Health-Guard Profile

Office Work and Web Design

The second profile type is Office Work and Web Design. Business tasks are various, most often related to a set of office-targeted applications. Sometimes, working outside is necessary. In such cases color accuracy is paramount, but so is image clarity, brightness, contrast etc. A piece of text must be legible, graphics and histograms must be clear. All of this is precisely what this profile is for. If you’re doing office work, web design, or simply value color accuracy when browsing the Internet, this is the profile to use!

It’s important to note that not all displays are suited for Web design – our profiles can not compensate for insufficient sRGB coverage (most TN panels have this problem), so you you might want to check our detailed color tests in the respective product reviews we’ve done if you want to use the machine for professional work.

Left: No Profile | Drag the slider to see the difference | Right: Design & Gaming Profile

Gaming and Movie Nights

Gaming is among the main driving forces for the fast clip of hardware development. Gamers are well-aware of the fact that a poor image can ruin the entire experience.

The same goes for watching movies. Imagine sitting down for a nice movie after a long day, and barely making out what’s on the screen. The ‘Gaming and movie night’ profile can make a huge difference. We strongly recommend you use it, since it’s gamma curve is specifically tuned to reveal details in the dark sections of the image.

Here’s what this amounts to:

Left: No Profile | Drag the slider to see the difference | Right: Design & Gaming Profile

You’ll find more information about the profiles HERE.

Kaufen Sie unsere Profile für AUO AUO23ED (B156HW02 V.3)

Mit dem Kauf von LaptopMedia-Produkten erhalten Sie nicht nur effiziente und gesundheitsschonende Profile, sondern Sie unterstützen auch die Entwicklung unserer Labore, in denen wir Geräte testen, um möglichst objektive Testberichte zu erstellen.

Office Work - screen profile


Office Work sollte vor allem von Benutzern verwendet werden, die die meiste Zeit mit dem Betrachten von Textstücken, Tabellen oder einfach nur mit dem Surfen verbringen. Dieses Profil zielt darauf ab, durch Beibehaltung einer flachen Gammakurve (2,20), einer nativen Farbtemperatur und wahrnehmungsgerechten Farben eine bessere Deutlichkeit und Klarheit zu liefern.

Jetzt kaufen
Design and Gaming - screen profile

Design und Spiele

This profile is aimed at designers who work with colors professionally, and for games and movies as well. Design and Gaming takes display panels to their limits, making them as accurate as possible in the sRGB IEC61966-2-1 standard for Web and HDTV, at white point D65.

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Health-Guard - screen profile


Health-Guard eliminiert die schädliche Pulsweitenmodulation (PWM) und reduziert das negative blaue Licht, das unsere Augen und unseren Körper beeinflusst. Da er für jedes Panel maßgeschneidert ist, schafft er es, die Farben wahrnehmungsgetreu zu halten. Health-Guard simuliert Papier, so dass der Druck auf die Augen stark reduziert wird.

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Jetzt kaufen


HP ZBook 15u G5 gründliche Überprüfung

Although the interest in gaming laptops is several times greater than that in professional machines, we've decided to pay some attention to the latter. The information about them is far more scarce, while for users in need of such a computer it is of great importance to know everything about the product they invest a serious budget. For the purposes of our review, we have chosen a model from HP's 15u G5 lineup. The letter "u" in the notebook's name comes from "ultrabook" - a term that has be[...]

Lesen Sie die vollständige Rezension

CPU-Leistung: Intel Core i7-8550U

Die Ergebnisse stammen aus dem Cinebench 15 CPU-Test (je höher die Punktzahl, desto besser)
Results are from the Fritz chess benchmark (the higher the score, the better)
Die Ergebnisse stammen aus unserem Photoshop-Benchmark-Test (je niedriger die Punktzahl, desto besser)

GPU-Leistung: AMD Radeon Pro WX 3100 (2GB GDDR5)

Einige Spiele, die Sie auf diesem Laptop spielen können

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