Here’s how Galaxy S5 Neo’s 16MP rear camera performs (photos)

Galaxy S5 Neo features the same 16MP rear camera with LED flash and autofocus as its namesake – the original Galaxy S5. However, there are some differences between the specs of these two as the S5 Neo can record videos only in Full HD resolution and the 4K options is left out. We’re still testing the performance of the newer model’s camera and for now the only thing we can share with you guys are some sample photos so you can have a sneak peek preview. All of the photos in the gallery below are shot outdoors, but the light conditions vary. We leave the assessment of the camera’s quality to you. More information, benchmark results and sample shots will be available in our in-depth review of the device, which will be posted shortly.

Information about the availability and price of Galaxy S5 Neo can be found at the following link:


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