How hot does LG Zero’s back get during intensive tasks?

We’re continuing with our in-depth tests on LG Zero and as usual, one of the most interesting is the temperatures and comfort test that measures the outer temperatures of the device after heavy usage. We simulate 3D gaming with the Epic Citadel app for an extended period of time. Keep in mind that the phone features Snapdragon 410, which, by the way, has proven countless times that it doesn’t cause a huge rise in the outer temperatures. So we didn’t have any doubts that the device will pass the test with flying colors. Our expectations were confirmed and the metal body of LG Zero didn’t reach too high temperatures even after more than an hour of 3D gaming.

At the hottest part of the phone’s back, we measured 36.1 degrees Celsius. The other two areas were about 1°C cooler. The temperature around the camera of the device was 35.8 degrees while the bottom part reached only 35.2 degrees.

You can check the price and availability of LG Zero at the following link:


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Ainārs Lejietis
8 años hace

Thanks for the measuring. Is these temperatures considered high tho?