[Comparison] HP ENVY x360 15 (Intel, 2021) vs HP ENVY x360 15 (Intel, 2020) – what are the differences?

With the reveal of the refreshed HP ENVY x360 15, we have to look at both the new and the old device, in order to determine how much of an upgrade is there, and if the new machine will be worth the premium price tag that it would cost. Today we will do exactly that by comparing the 2021 model vs the 2020 model of the HP ENVY x360 15, both in terms of visuals, in regards to the design, and under the hood, because performance is the main driving factor when choosing a device that will be used for productivity and creativity.

Starting off from the outside, the design remains largely unchanged, with there being some subtle changes that could go unnoticed for the untrained eye. For starters, the base has a more rounded shape, which contrasts the angular approach that HP used for the 2020 version. Otherwise, the laptop uses the same aluminum unibody, which is very durable and sturdy. There is a Gorilla Glass cover for the screen, which increases the durability of the lid and the scratch-resistance of the screen.

Now, that we’ve mentioned the screen, we are very happy that HP is sticking with a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel like we saw last year, as it was great. It had great color coverage and color accuracy and the touchscreen support paired with the optional stylus makes this laptop a dream for fans of digital art.

Finally, in the specs, we see a change in the platform. Gone are the Ice Lake CPUs, and in their place come Tiger Lake ones, which are very powerful for their size, or in this case their TDP. The base configuration has a Core i5-1135G7 and in case you want more performance, there is the Core i7-1165G7. Both laptops have the Iris Xe Graphics G7 inside of them, with the i5 variants getting a slightly less powerful iGPU.

In terms of I/O and features, both laptops have an identical number of ports and both support the newest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth standards.

All HP ENVY x360 15 (Intel, 2021) configurations:

All HP ENVY x360 15 (Intel, 2020) configurations:

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