A couple of sample photos from LG K10’s 13MP camera

We’ve already shared our first impressions of the new LG K10 and we’re working on its full review and for this article, we’ve prepared a couple of sample shots taken with the device’s 13MP camera.

As we already mentioned that there aren’t a lot of shooting modes and manual settings but the ones present are continuous shooting and gesture control or voice command. You can also record videos in Full HD resolution. The camera also features the usual autofocus, LED flash and f/2.2 aperture. However, what really matters here is that the camera will provide you with more than satisfying image quality and below you can see some of the sample photos we took.

For information about the price and availability of LG K10 visit the following link: http://amzn.to/1U404wO






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james boley
james boley
6 années il y a un an

I have the lgk10 it 0nly has a 8mpcamrea back faceing and 5 mp front faceing camera that’s why im upgradeing to thelgk20 it has a 13 mp back faceing camera

2 années il y a un an

i still have this phone. is best