ARM reveals its next generation of processors – aimed at AI and XR technologies

ARM which is famous for its mobile processors reveals its plans for the five next years. The company is set to introduce a new generation of processors that will boost the development of AI, autonomous cars, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality (XR) technologies.

ARM’s plans for the period 2017-2021 include a total of 100 billion chips shipped. That’s as much as the company has shipped from 1991 to 2017. To do so the new generation of processors will widen its market to the aforementioned segments.

The new generation is called DynamIQ. It allows for truly heterogeneous clustering of processors. What this means is that now manufacturers can place both power-efficient and high-performance in the same cluster. Each core in the cluster can be modified to run at a specific clock speed different from the others which allows it to consume just as much energy as it needs to perform a given task. Clusters will now operate with up to eight cores rather than four. DynamIQ also allows for advanced memory management.

ARM claims that DynamIQ “can be optimized to deliver up to a 50x boost in AI performance over the next 3-5 years relative to Cortex-A73-based systems today.” We will learn more about the new generation in the near future but things look promising – Microsoft is particularly interested in ARM-based systems.

Meanwhile, you can check an assortment of notebooks over here:

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