DDR5 RAM is expected to become available by 2020

id-2960930-ddr4_module_2-0-100602653-largeSeveral days ago, at the IDF event, Intel announced a new kind of VR headset called Project Alloy. Apart from this, the company also stated that by 2020 the new RAM type will appear – DDR5, and by the end of this year its official specifications will be made known. According to Mike Howard, the director of “DRAM and memory” department at IHS, the new RAM will become popular among users rather quickly because VR apps, which are still making their first steps, will need faster and denser RAM in the future, and the DDR4 type will not be enough for maximum convenience.

At first, DDR5 memory will be developed for server configurations since there is a great need for more RAM. Considering the support of up to 128 GB of RAM by server processors, we will not be surprised to see sticks with a capacity equal to or greater than 32 GB. After this, within the next 12-18 months, it is expected to be found in desktop systems and even laptops. Due to its higher memory bandwidth and lower consumption, it is very likely that there will be an increase in the battery life of portable devices. For now, the current RAM released in 2014 – DDR4 continues to gain positions at the expense of the DDR3 type.

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