How to open MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo (A13M) – disassembly and upgrade options

Step 1: Removing the Bottom Panel of MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo (A13M)

  1. Ensure the MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo (A13M) is powered off and placed on a soft, clean surface to prevent scratches or damage.
  2. Remove the 9 Phillips-head screws from the bottom of the laptop.
  3. Use a plastic pry tool to gently pop up the bottom panel, starting at the slight gap between the top two corners and the base.

Hint: Begin prying at the corners where the gap is most noticeable to minimize the risk of damaging the panel or internal clips.

Step 2: Battery Removal

  1. Disconnect the battery connector from the motherboard to ensure safety during the removal process.
  2. Remove the 6 Phillips-head screws holding the 72Wh battery, then carefully lift it away from the chassis.

More info: The 72Wh battery provides up to 14 hours and 17 minutes of web browsing or 10 hours of video playback, offering impressive battery life for productivity on the go.

Memory Overview

The MSI Summit E14 Flip Evo (A13M) comes with soldered 32GB of LPDDR5-4800MHz memory, ensuring ample bandwidth for multitasking and high-performance tasks.

Storage Upgrade

  1. Locate the PCIe 4.0 x4 slot for SSD upgrades. Note the large thermal pad placed below the SSD for enhanced cooling performance.
  2. Expanding or upgrading the SSD can significantly improve storage capacity and speed, enhancing overall system responsiveness and load times.

Hint: Don’t forget to check out our Top M.2 SSDs Performance Rankings for insights on the best storage options available.

You can buy PCIe 4.0 x4 SSD modules here: Buy from

Cooling System Overview

Examine the cooling solution, which includes one fan and three heat pipes, designed to efficiently manage heat and maintain optimal performance under load.

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