NVIDIA announced the new TITAN (Pascal architecture), again labeled as TITAN X

Without much noise, NVIDIA announced its latest GPU manufactured according to the Pascal architecture – GTX TITAN X. Yes, the model bears the name of its predecessor but the differences between the two are significant. Although we expected a presentation of GTX 1080 Ti after the appearance of GeForce GTX 1060, the American company left us pleasantly surprised with the new flagship TITAN model.


TITAN X (Pascal) uses a 16nm manufacturing process and features 12 GB GDDR5X own memory. The effective memory frequency is 10 Gbps, just as it is with GeForce GTX 1080, but the interface is now 384-bit which means increased memory bandwidth – 480 GB/s. Additionally, the base frequency of TITAN X is 1417 MHz, and thanks to the Boost technology it can go up to 1531 MHz.


The new TITAN X is the most powerful “green” graphics card and this is because of the above-listed specs. We can also mention that it has 3584 CUDA cores 11 TFLOPs, which means more than 50% difference when compared to its predecessor. Despite the much higher performance, the power consumption is still 250 Watts, as it was in the older TITAN X. The same applies to the pins powering the graphics card – you need one 8-pin and one 6-pin connector for it to work normally.


Furthermore, the GPU also supports SLI HB bridge which allows you to add more than one graphics card to your configuration in comparison to GTX 1060, which does not offer an SLI interface. The reference model is Founders Edition again, and the starting price for  GeForce GTX TITAN X is $ 1199. It is expected to appear on the market in less than two weeks – the official release is on 2nd August.

You can soon expect more information about GTX TITAN X on our website.

Also, you can browse through all currently available NVIDIA GPUs here: http://amzn.to/2a5jYXC


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