NVIDIA announced three new budget model GPUs – GeForce 920MX, 930MX and 940МX

nvidiaWithout much fuss, NVIDIA is going to release three new GPUs on the market, which will replace the GeForce 920M, 930M and 940M graphic chips. The new models are called GeForce 920MX, 930MX and 940MX and are based on the Maxwell architecture.

Currently there isn’t a lot of information available about the new chips, but they are expected to be used in notebooks from the budget segment. Aside from the architecture, we can expect another improvement that will definitely make a difference – the new GPUs will be available with DDR3 and GDDR5 memory. The GDDR5 versions are what sparks the interest here, since they will drastically increase the performance compared to last generation GPUs, which only supported DDR3 (only the 940M model had a GDDR5 version). Also, the new models boast higher core frequencies.

GeForce 920MX has 256 CUDA cores and 926 MHz frequency for the DDR3 version and 965 MHz for the GDDR5 one. The other two models sport 384 CUDA cores with the most powerful being the GeForce 940MX, which can reach up to 1176 MHz while the GeForce 930MX – 976 MHz for the DDR3 version and 1006 MHz for the GDDR5 variant.

We’re can’t wait to get our hands on the new offerings from NVIDIA and see what they’re capable of. In the meantime, feel free to check out our top GPU rankings.

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