PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds continues to break Steam records

Bluehole’s title PlayerUknown’s Battlegrounds continues to dominate the market. This shooter came out in March and so far there have been registered 11.5 million sold copies, according to Steam Spy. In comparison, in July the company recorded 5 million sales – so, for two months they have made over 5 sales at a price of $30 on Steam. It was again in July that the Bluehole game managed to surpass Rockstar’s GTA V in the category for most online players in a particular moment, and occupied the honorable 4th position in Steam’s all-time rankings.

On the Twitch platform, PUBG is just as successful. The title is an indispensable part of the top 3 most viewed games, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is most viewed by users in late hours. After the high number of sales, it was expected PUBG to match the number 1 in this category, Dota 2, which registered 1,295,114 active users two years ago. In their Twitter account, PLAYERUNKNOWN has officially announced that the title is first in yet another Steam rankings, namely the one for most online users at the same time – 1,342,857 players in PUBG.

Considering the growing popularity of the game, we expect these figures to rise, and if you want to join in this Bluehole title and you are after a configuration for smooth gameplay, you could browse through all available gaming PCs here:

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