The new Acer Predator Galea 500 headset follows the position of your head and changes sound direction accordingly

In today’s short publication we would like to acquaint you with a new gaming product part of the renowned Predator series by Acer. We are talking about the Acer Predator Galea 500 headset. But what is so special about them? Apart from the expected high sound and build quality, which is more than inherent to the series in question, these headphones come with a system of gyroscopes.

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This intriguing innovation will be quite useful as it detects the movement of one’s head and changes the sound from a game you’re playing respectively. In this way, gamers will be better-oriented and achieve better results. Additionally, the gyroscope system will be of great benefit to those of you who love spending time in the world of VR. The name of the technology that makes all this possible is TrueHarmony 3D Soundscape.

You might also wish to know that the Galea 500 model is a full-sized headset with bio-cellulose membrane and over-the-head design. It also features a uni-directional microphone and a mic button, as well as 40 mm drivers and USB host interface.

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