ADATA SU800 SSD video unboxing

Another day, another short video for you, dears. However, we are not doing a review today, instead we are unboxing one new SSD by the Taiwanese company ADATA. The model we have in mind is the ADATA SU800 SSD. It is a multi-layer 3D NAND flash SSD with significantly higher storage density compared to the same form factor of the current SSD generation, which makes it more energy efficient than 2D NAND and up to 80% better performer than a conventional 2.5-inch HDD.

We must also note the change in performance – the maximum read speed is now 560 MB/s, and the maximum write speed – 520 MB/s. Additionally, you will be able to choose the capacity that best suits your needs – between 128 GB and 1 TB. And thus, if you want to learn more, you can just play the video below and enjoy!

If you happen to show interest in the ADATA SU800 SSD, you can check its current price and availability here:

The goal of this article is to present to you the most important characteristic features of the given product, so that you can make an informed decision in case you want to purchase. If you like this video, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel, share, comment, and hit the thumbs up button.

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