Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ runs even the most demanding games on Google Play with ease (video)

buy-now_banner_galaxy-s6-edge-plusYou can expect our in-depth review on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ in the near future, but for now we can share a small portion of the phone’s capabilities or to be more precise – how the phone handles heavy 3D games. For the purpose of this test, we used Dead Trigger 2, Real Racing 3 and Modern Combat 5. The fact that we didn’t experience any difficulties probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone. You can watch our gameplay on the video below, to see for yourself and also check the CPU load at the top right corner of the display.

Anyway, the average FPS on Dead Trigger 2 was 49 and the peak frames per second value was 60, while the lowest was 34 FPS. Similar, but even more impressive, result was the one we got from Real Racing 3 where the average FPS was 59 while the highest and lowest FPS count was 61 and 50, respectively. Although the device ran Modern Combat at lower FPS, gameplay was smooth and we didn’t experience any lag. The average frames per second was 28, but there weren’t any noticeable frame drops.

You can view the availability and price of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ in the following link:

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