Intel HD Graphics 620 (Kaby Lake) shows 10 to 25% increаse in raw performance over HD Graphics 520 (Skylake) in benchmark tests

intelYesterday we ran a few benchmark tests on the mainstream Intel Core i5-7200U that showed a slight increase in performance but what about the iGPU? Well, today’s article is all about the improved Gen. 9 Intel HD Graphics 620.

You can find some of the available models with Core i5-7200U here:

Just like the CPU, the integrated graphics uses largely the same architecture as the Skylake HD Graphics 520 so again, we expect nothing more than marginal gains in performance or around 10% in some benchmarks. However, in Unigine Heaven 3.0 and 4.0 benchmarks, the Intel HD Graphics 620 scores around 25% better than the HD Graphics 520, which isn’t marginal by any means.

We do need to note, though, that the benchmarks were run on the Lenovo Yoga 910 with the Core i5-7200U and on Dell’s Latitude E5570 with Core i5-6300U with HD Graphics 520. We picked these laptops since they are both equipped with 8GB of DDR4 memory running at 2133 MHz so it’s a fair fight. We’ve also included some benchmarks from the HP ProBook 440 G3 just to see how the results compare to a system with DDR3-1600 memory.

Intel HD Graphics 620

Intel’s HD Graphics 620 integrated iGPU can be found in various ULV (ultra-low voltage) processors from the Kaby Lake generation. The GT2 version of the graphics chip uses 24 EUs (Execution Units) that can be clocked up to 1050 MHz and it has a base frequency of 300 MHz but the former can vary depending on the CPU. Since the iGPU doesn’t have a dedicated memory of its own, or eDRAM for that matter, it uses the available RAM on the system which is 2x 64-bit DDR3 or DDR4.

The TDP depends on the CPU model but it’s usually equipped with a SoC rated at 15W including the memory controller.


GPU/Benchmark3DMark Cloud (graphics score)3DMark Fire Strike (graphics score)3DMark Sky Diver (graphics score)Unigine Heaven 3.0Unigine Heaven 4.0
Intel HD Graphics 620 @ 300 – 1000 MHz (DDR4-2133)7675 (+26%)855 (+8%)3474 (+10%)275 (+27%)224 (+24%)
Intel HD Graphics 520 @ 300 – 1000 MHz (DDR4-2133)61097913163217181
Intel HD Graphics 520 @ 300 – 1000 MHz (DDR3L-1600)4708 (-13%)551 (-30%)2454 (-12%)77 (-65%)82 (-55%)
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