Intel Core i7-6950X is the latest extreme edition CPU with 10 physical cores at 3.5GHz

Intel launched their latest generation CPUs (Skylake) less than a year ago and now it’s time for extreme editions CPUs with incredibly high performance, a large number of cores and overclocking capabilities. Today, Intel gave us a sneak peek of the new beast that’s gonna hit the market pretty soon – Intel Core i7-6950X.

Intel Core i7-6950X will be the first i7 chip with more than 8 cores – if you think that 8 physical, or in other words 16 threads aren’t enough, then i7-6950X is the CPU for you. The silicon sports 10 physical / 20 virtual cores as well as 25MB Level 3 cache. The base frequency of the CPU is 3.0 GHz, however, thanks to the TurboBoost feature it can be increased up to 3.5 GHz. Oh, and we’ve already mentioned that the chip can be overclocked as well. Core i7-6950X can be mounted on LGA 2011 v3 configuration and those of you who have X99 Express motherboards should not despair – the new mobile chip is compatible with them as long as you update your BIOS.

You can check all available Intel CPUs and their prices here:


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