Samsung Galaxy S7 edge achieved record-breaking results in our temperature test

We’ve already posted our full in-depth review of Samsung’s new Galaxy S7. In it, you’ll find a temperatures and comfort section where we check how heavy usage for extended periods of time affects the outer temperatures of the phone and since the Galaxy S7 edge is next in line for a review and we’re already working on it, it’s only natural to perform the same test on this one as well. The edge version of Samsung’s new flagship boasts the same Exynos 8890 SoC as the classic version of the Galaxy S7, so we can assume that the temperatures should be similar. Also, both phones feature liquid cooling systems, which apparently does the job flawlessly since the results from our temperatures test were record-breaking.

For the purposes of our test, we simulated 3D gaming using the Epic Citadel app for a couple of hours. The highest temperature was in the middle of the phone – 31 degrees Celsius. The area around the camera reached 29.9 degrees while the bottom – only 28.9 degrees. These are extremely low values indicating that Samsung has done a great job at keeping their devices cool even after heavy load for extended periods of time. You can expect much more test results and information about the new Galaxy S7 edge in our upcoming review, so keep in touch.

Information about the price and availability of Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is available at the following link:


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