We found Lenovo A6000 in eight European countries – here is where the best prices are

lenovo-smartphone-a6000-backTwo days ago we showed you where and at what price you can find Lenovo A5000 in Europe. Now we checked the same thing for another interesting mid-range phone by Lenovo – A6000. You can read its detailed review very soon. We are in the final stage of our tests. The device offers a rather nice set of specifications, which include a 5-inch IPS HD display, Snapdragon 410 chipset, relatively durable battery, and a quality camera for this class. But let’s have a look at the prices in the different regions.

Can you guess where the Lenovo A6000 is the most expensive in Europe? Yes, once again, it’s Russia. There you can buy the phone for 201 euro and currently, this is the lowest price in the country. If you live in Greece, you have to pay just 149 euro. We found А6000 in eight European countries and you can see all of them below with the corresponding best price in every market.

Czech Republic163 euro
Hungary170 euro
Bulgaria152 euro
Romania163 euro
Russia201 euro
Greece149 euro
Slovakia153 euro
Ukraine158 euro

Source: Browswave

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