One of the best microphones for streaming – Blue Yeti is on Christmas sale right now (+Watch Dogs 2 gift)

You’re looking for a late Christmas present for a friend or for yourself? If you like streaming, we have a pretty neat idea. Today we stumbled upon a great offering on Amazon that’s actually a #1 best seller in its category. In fact, 5 out of the Top 7 products are Blue products.

The one that stands out is the Blue Blackout Yeti – a perfect USB powered companion for vocal recordings, Skype calls, streaming or even interviews. Yeti has four different presets so you can easily get the best from every situation – Cardioid mode for podcasts and streaming, Stereo mode for realistic sound image, acoustic guitar or choir recordings, Omnidirectional mode for conference calls or multi-person podcasts and Bidirectional mode for interviews.

We can’t miss mentioning the presence of 3.5mm headphone jack that allows listening in real-time with no latency.

Here comes the Christmas surprise – right now the price is $89.00 and you are also entitled to Watch Dogs 2 as a gift. You can purchase the bundle here:

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