Intel introduced two new members to their SSD catalogue – 540s Series and Pro 5400s Series

Today was definitely an interesting day for the tech world. It’s believed that Intel will introduce the first Core i7 CPU boasting more than 8 cores, but things don’t end here. Looks like the American manufacturer had another trump card hidden in its sleeve – two SSDs – 540s Series and Pro 5400s Series. The devices are aimed for everyday usage and will replace the 530 and 535 Series as well as Pro 1500 and 2500 Series. Here’s what makes these offerings interesting.

Firstly, thing you have to know about the new SSDs is the controller. In the last four years, Intel’s devices have sported the SF 2281 controller manufactured by SandForce, however, due to the lack of support for TLC (Three Layer Cell), this time Intel is sticking with Silicon Motion SM2256 controller, which also appears to be the cheaper option for budget storage units compared to MLC NAND.


Secondly, the TLC, which is slower than MLC, appears to be turbocharged in the SM2256 because it includes SLC (Single Layer Cell) NAND memory and thus increasing the speed of the SSD. However, this type of memory will be available only for the cache while the main storage remains TLC-based. For now, Intel hasn’t released any official information about the reading/writing speeds of the new SSDs, but we hope that they’ll be similar to those of ADATA SP550, as they both share the same SM2256 controller with 16nm planar 128Gbit TLC from SK Hynix.

The new models will have from 120GB to 1TB of storage and will come in M.2 and 2.5-inch flavors.

Here’s a list of all of Intel’s SSDs currently available on the market:

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