Official: Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S7 on the 21st of February (video)

4Samsung Galaxy S7 in undoubtedly one of the most anticipated phones for this year. However, despite the fact that there’s little information about the upcoming flagship, Samsung has released an official teaser for what to expect at the event. The official statement says that Samsung’s newest flagship device will be revealed on the 21st of February at 19:00 CET (10:00 AM PT), during the WMC 2016 conference. Our team will be at the event and we’ll make sure you get every bit of detail about the phone.

The uploaded video, on the other hand, doesn’t give out a lot of details, but from what we saw, Samsung’s Gear VR will also be part of the show. We’re expecting the Galaxy S7 to be available for purchase in Europe from the 11th of March.

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