List of Apps and Games Incompatible with Qualcomm Snapdragon-Powered Computers (June 2024)

We all knew that there would be some adoption hiccups when it comes to running Windows on an ARM architecture, however, many people assumed that Microsoft’s translation and compatibility layers would offer a reliable fix. According to Samsung, though, there are still plenty of apps and games that aren’t supported, including some vital ones like Adobe InDesign, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Illustrator. Adobe announced that Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and more Creative Cloud apps are coming “this summer”.

Most online games seem to have an issue running too, like Riot Games’ Valorant and League of Legends, as well as others. This might be because the translation layer runs the game in a sandbox, while the anti-cheat software almost always requires administrator privileges and recognizes the sandbox.

Note: Some of these apps may run through emulation while their developers work on their ARM versions

Have you found other apps or games that don’t work on Snapdragon-powered computers?
Are some of these apps already working?

Share in the comments below and help us update the list!

Unsupported Apps / Games on Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered Computers
💿 AppAdobe After Effects
💿 AppAdobe Illustrator
💿 AppAdobe InDesign
💿 AppAdobe Premiere Pro
🎮 GameApex Legends
🎮 GameAssassin’s Creed Valhalla
💿 AppAvast Cleanup
💿 AppAvast Free Antivirus
💿 AppAvast SecureLine VPN
💿 AppAvast driver updater (trial version)
💿 AppAvira Security
🎮 GameBattle Ground
🎮 GameCall of Duty MW 3
💿 AppCanon IJ Scan Utility
💿 AppDMM Game Player
🎮 GameDead By Daylight
💿 AppEpson – Fax Reception
💿 AppEpson Status Monitor 3
🎮 GameFC Online 4
🎮 GameFall Guys
🎮 GameFar Cry New Dawn
🎮 GameFor Honor
💿 AppFortiClient VPN
🎮 GameFortnite
💿 AppGoogle Drive
💿 AppGoogle Play Games
🎮 GameGoose Goose Duck
🎮 GameHalo Infinite
💿 AppKaspersky Anti-Virus
💿 AppLD player
🎮 GameLeague of Legends
🎮 GameLineage M
💿 AppNaver MyBox
💿 AppNaver eBook Reader
💿 AppNox App Player
💿 AppNoxPlayer
🎮 GameRoblox
💿 AppSamsung Recovery
💿 AppSamsung Update
🎮 GameSuddenAttack
🎮 GameTales Runner
🎮 GameTeam Fortress 2
🎮 GameUncharted
🎮 GameVRChat
🎮 GameValorant
💿 AppVirtualBox headless frontend
💿 AppWebroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus
💿 AppYAK public

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Marco Bruzzese
Marco Bruzzese
18 days ago

Acciperbolina, dopo averlo comprato mi sono accorto di quante cose non vanno… Vabbè, ci ho scommesso sopra sperando che questi processori saranno il futuro. Se avrò ragione basterà attendere, altrimenti come fermacarte è molto bello anche se un po’ costoso 😀