Bethesda announced the new Quake Champions – the series makes a stunning return (+video)

Even though E3 officially starts on June 14, the pressconferences of the big gaming companies have already started. Yesterday EA and Bethesda revealed what games can be expect this year or a bit later. Of course, we shall have a look at what EA disclosed (or the most intersting moments from their live show), but now we shall discuss a widely popular title produced by id Software.

Quake is a First-Person Shooter that first appeared in the distant 1999. The last part of the series Enemy Territory: Quake Wars was announced in 2007 which means that there has been a pause of 9 years. Fortunately for the fans of this game, earlier today Bethesda announced that the sequel will be called Quake Champions. Additionally, this game targets both regular users, fans of FPS titles, and those of you who deal professionally with eSports.


Furthermore, id Software’s Studio Director, Tim Willits, shared that the gameplay will focus mainly on the arena. It is there where various characters will compete one against the other – yes, you have  a lot of heroes to choose from. What is more, Tim shared that the game has been developed for eSports with great professionalism, and this means that multiplayer competition is back in a great way. For now there isn’t any specific information as to when the game will be released. We will learn more about it at the QuakeCon event during August (4-7 of August). Before this, however, we can enjoy the trailer of the new Quake Champions…

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