Dell announced a new 24-inch gaming monitor with G-SYNC and 165Hz refresh rate

dell-s2417dg-monitor-overview-1Dell announced its new gaming monitor – S2417DG. Even though the American company offers a wide variety of good quality models, this particular one excels in all aspects that a gaming monitor features. First of all, the resolution of this device is 2560 x 1440 pixels. Additionally, its response time is 1ms and this is great news to those of you who play FPS (First-person Shooter) games.

The last gaming technology present in Dell S2417DG is called G-SYNC. It does away with the so called tearing of the image. This happens mostly when the monitor’s refresh rate and the fps are not being refreshed at the same frequency. You can encounter this problem when quickly moving the mouse cursor, especially if you’ve deactivated the Vsync option that limits the fps to 60. This monitor’s refresh rate is 165 Hz, which means that your monitor will display 167 frames per second. Together with G-SYNC, 1ms response time, and the high resolution, S2317DG looks like a very reasonable purchase.

Apart from attractive specs, the product also features a 90-degree rotating stand – you can add two additional monitors without any issues. As far as connecting to your GPU is concerned, you can use a DisplayPort 1.2a and an HDMI 1.4 (four USB 3.0 ports are present, too). Additionally, the contrast ratio is 1000:1, the brightness – 350 cd/m2, and the viewing angles – up to 160/170 degrees (which confirms that this is a TN panel). We can also note that the expected price of Dell S2417DG is $570 (not yet officially confirmed though).

You can browse through all available Dell monitors here:


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