Intel will update their budget CPUs Pentium and Celeron by the end of the year

The American company Intel announced its plans to update its buget CPU lines – Pentium and Celeron. After the advent of the Skylake architecture based on a 14nm production process, we expected to see new chips, based on a 10nm process. Well, this is delayed for the time being, because there is no strong competition in the production of processors, so Intel has decided to enrich (and update) its Skylake family with an additional line, planned to appear by the end of the year.


The chips will based on the Goldmont architecture and are codenamed Apollo Bay. As we mentioned above, a 14nm production process is used for their production. Nonetheless, Intel promises to increase the graphical and CPU power, as well as the energy efficiency which will be a plus mostly for the models supplied by a battery.

You can find out more about the price of Intel processors here:

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