Intel HD Graphics 530 early benchmark tests show huge performance leap over Haswell’s GPUs


Following our recent article on the upcoming Core i7-6700HQ quad-core CPU from Intel, we’ve ran a few tests on the GPU that the SoC integrates. Apart from the Core i7-6500U CPU that offers Intel HD Graphics 520, the Skylake-H processors will ship with different GPU named Intel HD Graphics 530 which is roughly the same graphics processor with 24 EU (Execution Units) but probably with different clocks.

Unfortunately, we don’t know the clocks of the GPU that’s inside the Core i7-6500U, but we do have information about the Core i7-6700HQ’s Intel HD Graphics 530. The GT2 core inside is clocked at 350 MHz and can reach 1050 MHz with a maximum TDP of 45W for the whole SoC. Other information about the GPU isn’t available at the moment and the GPU-Z doesn’t recognize the graphics core so posting a screenshot isn’t an option as well. Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming Skylake processors.

You can always check our GPU ranking and see where the Intel HD Graphics 530 is placed:

As you can see the performance of the GPU is comparable to dedicated graphics such as NVIDIA GeForce GT 730M with 1GB or 4GB of DDR3 VRAM as well as AMD Radeon R7 M265. Furthermore, the new graphics processor outperforms the GPU found inside the Core i7-4700HQ (part of the Haswell generation processors) despite the fact that the Intel HD Graphics 530 is clocked slightly lower than the Intel HD Graphics 4600.

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8 years ago

Hey guys, please check youtube 4K 60fps playback 😉 I was wondering if there is a chance for smooth experience.