NVIDIA announced Quadro P6000 – more powerful than the new TITAN X

quadro p6000Several days ago we shared with you that NVIDIA had announced its latest Pascal GPU – GeForce GTX TITAN X. It immediately became the most powerful graphics card on the market but it seems that this won’t last for too long because the American company announced Quadro P6000 several hours ago.

The new GPU is also based on the GP102 core but is a fully enabled version. This means that the card features 3840 CUDA cores, 24 GB GDDR5X own memory, 384-bit interface and 12 TFLOPs. Apart from Quadro P6000, NVIDIA also announced Quadro P5000, which comes with 2560 CUDA cores, 16 GB GDDR5X memory, 256-bit interface, and 8.4 TFLOPs. There is no information about the release dates or starting prices yet.

You can check all currently available NVIDIA GPUs here: http://amzn.to/2aHAwSW

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