ADATA A10050 Power Bank video unboxing

You may remember that a while ago we published a short article on a very good product that can be very useful if you have battery life problems with some of your devices. We are talking about ADATA A10050 Power Bank, which can be of great help with its huge capacity of 37.2 Wh (10 050 mAh).

If you are interested in this product, you may wish to check its price and availability HERE. By using these links, you can support us and help our team grow, as it requires a good amount of time and financial resources to get our job done. If you decide to purchase a product via these links, you won’t be paying anything additional, and we will benefit by getting a small commission.

Among the most notable features of this portable battery are not only the large capacity and very stylish design. Also commendable are the option to charge two devices simultaneously, the intelligent LED indicator as well as the multi-circuit protection.

You can also browse through other currently available portable power banks:

The point of this article, however, is to present to you our video unboxing of this product, so that you may know what to expect in the package. You can tell us what other products you would like to watch video reviews/unboxings of in the comments below.

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