AMD planning big – 7nm FinFET Zen+ CPU with 4 cores, 8 threads and 10W TDP


AMD still hasn’t released its brand new Zen processors with 14nm FinFET manufacturing process but it seems that the board has everything planned for the next architecture called “Zen+”. The company claims that the first Zen+ chips will hit the shelves sometime during 2019 just in time for the newly announced 7nm FinFET node process by GLOBALFOUNDRIES to reach its maturity.

Unlike the small change in the branding from Zen to Zen+, the new architecture brings so much change that it’s hard to comprehend. Bringing the manufacturing process down to 7nm from 14nm is fairly ambitious especially when Intel admits it’s struggling with the development of the 10nm process. However, if AMD manages to catch up, we will see the first decent competition in years.


Now back to the major changes. The new Zen+ architecture will be used for the first time for its CPUs codenamed Gray Hawk using 4 cores with 8 threads and using the next generation DDR4 and stacked HBM. The total power consumption of the chip is believed to be around 10W. Powering the iGPU will be the new generation Navi, which will also debut in discrete graphics solutions as well.


When we talk about GPUs, we can’t miss mentioning the awaited Gray Hawk APUs as well. They will probably debut alongside AMD’s 48-core, 96-thread Starship processor in 2019 but that’s just equally ambitious as the whole 7nm process – all by 2020.

You may find some of the currently available AMD products here:

Source: WCCFtech

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