The new Notebook 9 Pro by Samsung – S Pen functionality, Core i7 CPU, USB-C and 256GB SSD

Samsung seems to understand that with today’s very fast advancements in the fields of technology, the only way to remain relevant in such a dog eat dog world, is to constantly bring innovation to the table.

When we look back at how, for example, Samsung created the “phablet” market singlehandedly, we can confidently say that when these guys set their mind on doing something, they stick to their guns. This seems to be the case with their latest device, the new Samsung Notebook 9 Pro. And what’s so new and innovative about it, well other than having what most other 2-in-1 hybrid solutions bring, a touch screen and a laptop all-in-one, this one differs from the pack because of the integrated proprietary S Pen technology. We’re not familiar with how they’ve actually went about with the integration itself, as the technology has only been present in smaller devices until now.

You can check out availability for
the newest Notebook 9 series here

The S Pen along with the screen gives the user a whopping 4,000 pressure levels and tilt detection algorithm, packed together with Samsung’s very own Air Command software for editing documents, taking notes and for the artists among you – for drawing. And bold a claim as that may be, the S Pen technology and of course the touchscreen’s matrix where it’s enabled more closely resemble a Wacom tablet than a simple capacitive display, and that presents a very large difference in quality.

Samsung is releasing a couple models of the Notebook 9 Pro line, a 13.3 and 15.6-inch models, which will both come with the latest Intel Core i7 processors, 8GB’s of RAM (16 for the larger model), a 256GB SSD and for the larger model even a dedicated graphics card. The notebook also comes with the latest in connectivity and ports, like the USB-C port with support for Fast Charging. We don’t have a release date yet, but seeing these at Computex gives us reason to believe they’ll be out sometime this year.

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