NVIDIA GeForce 940MX vs GeForce 940M – benchmarks and comparison

The two NVIDIA graphic cards which we shall compare are part of the Maxwell generation and direct successors to the GeForce 840M. They are 940MX and 940M, and you might encounter them mostly in budget notebooks that are used for multimedia or gaming.

940MX and 940M have a lot in common starting with – they share the same core – GM108. The number of their raster and shader cores or so-called CUDA cores is also the same – 384, and the difference between the two of them is mostly noticeable in the higher base and “boost” frequency of 940MX, as well as in GDDR5 version 940MX, which has GM107-B version with lower frequencies but with more CUDA cores – 512. You can see the similarities and differences between the graphics cards in the table below.

You could browse through all available laptops using NVIDIA GeForce 940MX here: http://amzn.to/2j9pw4P

You could browse through all available laptops using NVIDIA GeForce 940M here: http://amzn.to/2iZALiY

GeForce 940MXGeForce 940M
CoreGM108 / GM107-BGM108
GPU frequency1122 MHz (1242 MHz)1072MHz (1176MHz Boost)
Memory frequency2002MHz2000MHz
Memory typeDDR3 / GDDR5DDR3
Memory bus64-bit64-bit
Number of texture cores2424
Number of raster cores88
Number of shader cores384 / 512384


GeForce 940MX (GDDR5)GeForce 940M
3DMark Cloud Gate (G)12 603 (+38%)9 120
3DMark Fire Strike (G)2 239 (+34%)1 665
Unigine Heaven 3.0604 (+31%)461

You could find more detailed info about 940MX (2GB GDDR5) here:

You could find more detailed info about 940M (4GB DDR3) here:

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