NVIDIA releases the 376.33 WHQL drivers – resolves security problems and brings some innovations

This year NVIDIA made us happy with its NVIDIA 10 GPU series based on the Pascal architecture.

And so the company continues to support its products with the release of a new driver package – NVIDIA GeForce 376.33 WHQL. Also, the company claims that the update should contribute in ensuring the highest possible performance when playing the latest games including VR titles as well. Additionally, some improvements have been made as to provide better data protection.

You may also wish to know that the latest driver package takes into consideration problems that some users have while playing several YouTube videos in Chrome. Also, SLI configurations for Titanfall 2 have been banned.

You can download the latest drivers from HERE.

Perhaps you could also have a look at all currently available NVIDIA products here: http://amzn.to/2gEwkEQ

Here is a detailed list with all the changes:

Game Ready

Provides the optimal gaming experience for the latest new titles and updates.


This version adds several security improvements.

Application SLI Profiles

Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

  • Titanfall 2 – disabled SLI

3D Vision Profiles

No 3D Vision profiles were added with this version.

3D Compatibility Mode Profiles

No compatibility mode profiles were added with this version.

Software Module Versions

  • NView – 148.03
  • HD Audio Driver –
  • NVIDIA PhysX System Software – 9.16.0318
  • GeForce Experience – 3.2 (
  • CUDA – 8.0

Windows 10 Fixed Issues

  • Install the Display Container via co-installer. [200228206]
  • [375.86, GP104] Corruption in YouTube video playback when two or more videos are playing at the same time in Chrome. [1843100]
  • Clean up the escape calls that use physical addresses. [1626231]

Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7 Fixed Issues

  • Install the Display Container via co-installer. [200228206]
    NV_ESC_ID_NVAPI_ENUM_DISPLAYIDS_EX don’t validate the size of input, causing a KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. [1808374]
  • Clean up the escape calls that use physical addresses. [1626231]
  • NVL_ESC_ID_COMMON_REGISTRY_ACCESS escalates user privileges when the registry is accessed. [1359976]
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