MEIZU m1 note features one of the best displays on the market

Meizu-Blue-Charm-Note1-e1419886453528The Chinese company MEIZU offers its smartphones at quite affordable prices and yet manages to offer some really good specs under the hood. We are currently testing the MEIZU m1 note that has an amazing screen properties due to the IGZO technology used in it. We already had the pleasure of testing several notebooks with this type of display technology including the Aspire S7 and Aspire R13.

In short, the IGZO technology allows the panel to consume significantly less power and at the same time emit much brighter light for improved outdoor experience. For instance, the maximum brightness we were able to record is the whooping 500 cd/m2 with a contrast ratio of 1040:1 – both results stand for the ultimate panel suitable for working even under direct sunlight. Furthermore, the panel has 92% of the sRGB and 71% of the Adobe RGB color gamut. You can also expect some pretty good color reproduction and no PWM was recorded throughout all brightness levels making it user-friendly to you eyes.

PWM-Meizu m1 note

We will keep you posted if have anything else about the smartphone until the full review which is underway.

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