AMD already working on a new generation of Zen CPUs – codenamed Pinnacle Ridge

So it’s been just a week since the Ryzen trio officially released and lower-tier models haven’t been listed yet but AMD is already teasing its next-gen processors. It seems that the company is not only trying to get back in the game, it is trying to reach the top and compete with Intel. The three currently available Ryzen processors are enjoying a pretty good commercial interest and are even making Intel lower the prices of their products. AMD is determined to bring back its long-lost glory and that’s why it is teasing its next-gen CPUs so early.

What the Zen architecture is mostly praised for is the  52% IPC (instructions per clock) increase over the last Excavator architecture. The next generation of Zen processors carries the codename Pinnacle Ridge and it is supposed to further increase the IPC with 5 to 10% compared to the current generation. The next generation will continue to use the 14nm FinFET manufacturing process and will most certainly bring other improvements and features.

AMD is determined to get to the top. We are left with this impression because of what AMD CEO Lisa Lu said at a recent AMA:

In new product development, you always learn a lot and we have our list of things that we are adding to Zen2 and Zen3 to get even more performance going forward.

Meanwhile, you can check the currently available Ryzen processors over here:

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