ASUS to reveal the first smartphone with Snapdragon 835 tomorrow

Tomorrow we shall witness the official ASUS event at this year’s CES 2017  in Las Vegas. Around a month ago the Taiwanese company published its official invitation and it’s been since then that there were rumors about several new Zenfone models. Another hint we got from the invitation was that the new phones will come with Qualcomm mobile processors because we saw the Qualcomm logo in one of the corners.

And now, a day before the official event, ASUS published a new picture in whose focus is entirely on Qualcomm Snapdragon. It does not say anywhere that they’re talking about Snapdragon 835 but considering the fact that Snapdragon 820 was last year’s top mobile processor and it’s very unlikely that all this Qualcomm hype is induced by it. However, it is quite possible that we shall witness the first smartphone with Snapdragon 835 tomorrow.

You could also browse through all currently available ASUS smartphones here:

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