Fallout 4 broke a few records shortly after its launch, surpassing even GTA V

f4A week after the official release of Fallout 4, Bethesda and the world’s largest desktop gaming platform – Stream, registered quite the numbers of purchases.

Bethesda stated that the sales of Fallout 4 exceeded their expectations. The game sold 12 million copies on the first day of launch (10th of November), or in other words 750 million dollars in profit. The digital sales weren’t small either – from 1.87 million copies, 1.2 million are from Stream. Eye-popping is the number of people playing the game online on Stream. It would seem that 471 955 people shared the Fallout 4 experience, securing the 3-rd spot on the most played games on Stream, right after Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and also surpassing the much-anticipated GTA V.

The game provides many hours of entertainment in an open world and since users are able to customize the appearance of their characters, many faces of celebrities, politicians and historical figures could now be seen in the Fallout 4 universe.