ASUS K751LX PWM (screen flickering) report

asus_k751lx_ty009dEvery now and then we like to post reports of the our PWM tests on some of the machines in order to spread awareness of this issue that’s been bugging us for so long now. To make sure we are on the same page, we suggest reading our dedicated article on the matter. You can also browse our recently announced PWM ranking.

Let’s cut to the chase. ASUS K751LX being a budget 17-incher with decent hardware, we cannot expect it to offer top-notch picture quality, so ASUS used TN panels as an alternative to the IPS displays. That’s quite understandable, but we are left with mixed feelings due to the PWM our oscilloscope recorded. As you can see on the graph below, screen flickering is present from 0 to 99% screen brightness. Also, the pulsating light is considered to be aggressive and harmful to your eyes, due to its low frequency – 200 Hz.


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8 années il y a un an

You have no idea how much appreciation I have that FINALLY a review websites is posting PWM dimming information. PWM dimming is a huge concern for many people and serious health risk to your eye sight