Lenovo P2 with 5100mAh battery attacks the first place in our ranking for battery endurance

It’s been a while now since Lenovo Vibe P1 took over the first place in our battery endurance ranking, thanks to the high scores shown in our tests. However, we recently received its successor Lenovo P2 and as we already mentioned a few days ago, we are soon to familiarize you with it and its review in details.

We are still testing the phone but it’s already taking the lead in the most durable phone rankings. The reason for that is hidden in its huge 5100mAh battery which went through several tests and performed remarkably. When testing the Wi-Fi web browsing Lenovo P2 was able to hold for 1283 minutes (21 hours and 23 minutes). Even more impressing was the achievement in the video playback test where you need only one charge to hold for the amazing 1469 minutes (24 hours and 29 minutes).
Even in the hardest of our tests, the one with 3D gaming, the device remained on for 757 minutes (12 hours and 37 minutes).

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7 années il y a un an

Yup.. a beast indeed. Had the P2 for a month now and I’m really happy with my purchase.