Lenovo ThinkPad E460’s battery did very well in our tests

IMG_7415The ThinkPad lineup is a very good choice when it come to business notebooks and we can say that this trend continues over the years. One of the most important characteristics a business laptop must have is long battery life. This results from the fact that business users are constantly on the go and don’t have the chance to frequently charge their device.

With this in mind, we conducted the mandatory battery tests so as to check what ThinkPad E460 has to offer. Before displaying the results, however, we would like to mention some of the hardware components. The CPU is Intel Core i5-6200U and the good news is that the laptop features a discrete graphics card – AMD Radeon R7 M360.

Our tests registered very decent results as the battery provided almost 6 hours of Web browsing – 352 minutes (5 hours and 52 minutes). On the other hand, we expected lower readings in the Gaming test because the GPU is not that energy-efficient, however, these results were also very good – 2 hours and 46 minutes and 4 hours and 56 minutes of HD Video playback.

Considering these results we can say that the 14-inch laptop provides not only light weight but also exceptionally long battery life after a single charge. Furthermore, you will be happy with its good performance made possible by the Skylake processor and discrete GPU. You can expect our full review in the near future – it will provide more information about the ThinkPad E460 and how it performs in other tests.

You can browse through all ThinkPad models here: http://amzn.to/299afuy

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