Inside MSI GF63 8RD – disassembly and upgrade options

This laptop is one of the sleekest looking gaming devices on the market. It has a beautiful design, which hides the true personality of the device. How about the inside, though? Well, let’s check it out, shall we?

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1. Remove the bottom plate

Getting inside of this laptop will most definitely void your warranty, so think twice before you do this. Once again you have to remove the entire bottom plate in order to access all of the sweet internals. This can happen after you unscrew a total of 12 Phillips-head screws. Then pry it up – just be careful because these plastic clips are a glance away from braking.

2. Battery

In accordance with the thinness of the laptop, the battery is held in place by some strong sticky pads. It is rated at 51Wh with all of the information of the battery printed on its back… not a very smart decision, if you’re not trying to hide something.

3. Memory and storage

We are happy to see a full selection of memory and storage options. There are two RAM DIMMs, supporting up to 32 GB of DDR4 memory. They are the traditional slots, which hold the PCBs in place with two clips on either side of it. On the storage side, we see a SATA drive right next to the battery. There are two screws holding it in place, while the M.2 SSD above it is held by just a single one. By the way, it does support NVMe drives.

4. Cooling system

Interestingly, this gaming laptop is cooled by a single but rather big fan. We are glad that MSI resisted the temptation of cooling the GPU and the CPU using the same heat pipes. Instead, they’ve opted for a big single heat pipe cooling the graphics card and two thinner – the processor. In our temperature test, however, we found out that the GTX 1050 Ti gets quite hot in this cooling setup.

Check out all MSI GF63 8RD prices and configurations in our Specs System or read more in our In-depth Review.

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Jason Rayga
Jason Rayga
4 years ago

Good Article Thanks. I want to repaste my MSI GF63-8RD do you guys have a video for that?