Top 5 reasons to BUY or NOT to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro X

Windows on ARM has been something that shocked the world when once announced. Mobile chips have been getting increasingly powerful and the thought of a fully-fledged Windows OS on a tablet or a mobile phone has been a pipe dream. In reality, the project hasn’t moved that far ever since its inception. Here, we have the Surface Pro X which is one of the first devices of the Windows on ARM platform. It has a CPU specifically designed by Microsoft, based on ARM technology and an Adreno GPU.

Today we are presenting you with LaptopMedia’s top 5 picks about the Microsoft Surface Pro X.

Microsoft Surface Pro X: Full Specs / In-depth review

2 reasons to BUY the Microsoft Surface Pro X

1. Design and build quality

As the device has a premium price tag, premium materials are a must. You get a body made out of anodized aluminum, along with a glass cover for the screen, which adds a great degree of scratch resistance. The top part of the display, however, is made of plastic, so it can house the Wi-Fi and LTE antenna lines. When it comes to the measurements, the height sits at 7.3 mm, making the machine look incredibly fragile. With a weight of only 774 grams, this is a very portable laptop, and a very slippery one as well, so we would recommend picking a nice keyboard and case combo. There are also a pair of stereo speakers located on either side of the display.

The pop-up stand is pretty easy to use, as it has two cutouts that fit your fingers perfectly. The stand allows you to position the device from 80 degrees, all the way down to 10.

2. Display

The display on the Surface X is a fantastic 13-inch unit. It has a resolution of 2880 x 1920p and a 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen uses an IPS panel and has comfortable viewing angles, a fantastic maximum brightness of 450 nits, with a deviation of only 3%, and a great contrast ratio of 1360:1. The display covers 93% of the sRGB color gamut ensuring vibrant and punchy images.

Color accuracy was superb as well, with even the stock settings delivering a standard-setting dE value of 0.9.

3 reasons NOT to buy the Microsoft Surface Pro X

1. Upgradeability

Sadly, being a tablet/laptop hybrid, you have to wave the upgradability goodbye. Both the RAM and internal storage are soldered onto the motherboard, and the device not even having a MicroSD card slot, which should be there, as is on any other tablet, or even smartphone.

2. I/O

The I/O is a very weak point. There are only two USB Type-C ports on the left, and on the right, just the power button and charging plug. On the bottom, you can see the Surface keyboard connector.

3. Windows on ARM platform

The platform still needs a lot of work in order to deserve a recommendation. Many apps, some of which crucial to the audience that would want this device are still unavailable, such as 3D Rendering programs and others. According to Microsoft new apps and support for old ones are getting released daily, but we would advise you to wait a bit more and follow up every once in a while, to see what progress is being made. After all, people pay for a fully operational device and not to become a beta tester of sorts.

All Microsoft Surface Pro X configurations:

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