Google’s new algorithm Guetzli shrinks JPEG files by 35 percent

Google is one of the largest tech companies out there. There is virtually no one that hasn’t used one or more of its services. But to keep yourself on the top you have to constantly develop new features and improve older. Google knows that and its latest improvement focuses on delivering a better browsing experience.

Google is introducing its new open source algorithm – Guetzli which will shrink the size of a JPEG image by 35%. This will allow web developers to create sites that load faster and consume less mobile data – a thing crucial for our modern always on-the-go life.

Guetzli which is Swiss German for cookie specifically targets the quantization stage of the compression process in which visual quality is lost but file size is reduced. It finds the gold spot between minimal loss and lowest size by performing a series of technical processes wich we won’t bore you with.

This is a zoomed 20×24 image of an area of a cat’s face. The uncompressed original on the left and Guetzli-generated is on the right. In the middle is a libjpeg image (another library). The thing is that Guetzli creates images with the quality of libjpeg without requiring a larger file size.

Meanwhile, you can check some of the available Chromebooks over here:

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