Top 100 Most Powerful – High CPU Load Laptops

CPU-Powerful_PicContrary to popular belief, processor performance is not directly proportional to overall system performance. Nevertheless, there exist some activities for which CPU speed is of enormous importance. Take video processing, 3D modeling and design, Photoshop filters and so on. Users who do that sort of thing often have to set aside a hefty budget to purchase their machines, and then, naturally, the newly acquired computers return the favor by saving their users some very precious time.

The ranking list bellow will help you determine what the most powerful offerings are, as far as raw processing power is concerned. We rank the Top 100 of all laptops available on the market, and if their processors are equally matched, the cheaper machine gets precedence in the list.

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Currently, availability and prices only refer to the Bulgarian marketplace, but you can expect information about many other countries soon.