ADATA announced SD600 – compact and durable external SSD

ADATA announced the portable and sturdy SD600. The company claims that the device is ideal for active people, thanks to the durability of the used materials and the way they are put together.

ADATA SD600 is manufactured using the new 3D TLC NAND technology. This technology works in a similar way to the conventional NAND memory, but with the difference that it has the capability of storing higher capacity in much less physical space. The speed reached by the device is 440 MB/s (read) and 430 MB/s (write). Besides these, SD600 features DRAM and SLC (single-level cell) cache. This allows the high speed to remain intact even at higher workloads.



All of this, combined with the weight of 90 grams and the compatibility with operating systems such as Windows, Android, Xbox One and PS4 make ADATA SD600 an extremely flexible and useful device.


You may also wish to browse through the all currently available ADATA SSDs here:

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