Prices of Intel’s processors drop trying to withstand Ryzen’s push [UK]

The new AMD Ryzen processors released last week. This is the first new architecture we see from AMD in the last six years. It brings amazing performance especially in multithreaded processes for about half the price of Intel’s counterparts. Now Intel faces true competition for a first time in a while and prices of its Kaby Lake products are starting to drop.

Today you can find the quad-core Intel Core i7-7700K with 4.2GHz base frequency for £329.00 or less wich is 21% lower from the regular price of £415.99. The Core i7-6700K, on the other hand, is selling for £307.99 rather than the original price of £418.99 (26% off). In the mid-range segment, you can purchase the Core i5-6600K for £229.95 (19% off). Moving to the lower tier of products you can get the dual core i3-6100 for £108.52 or the first Pentium CPU with Hyper-Threading – the G4560 for £61.40 rather than £79.99.

Apart from Intel’s processors, all GTX 1080 models are on sale because of the upcoming release of the GTX 1080 Ti. You can read the full article and find out more over here.

Meanwhile, you can check the available deals of Intel’s CPU here:

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