Inside Acer Aspire V15 (V3-575G) – disassembly, internal photos and upgrade options

We like to do this sort of articles not only for the review but mostly for the kicks. Today we’re going to share with you what we found in a notebook, which basically has everything you may want from a multimedia-oriented notebook – Acer Aspire V15 V3-575G. Also, we’re going to give a thorough tutorial on how you can disassemble the machine on your own, in case you want to upgrade some of its components, or just clean it.

You can check the available configurations here:

1. Removing 18 screws

For starters, you’ll need to arm with a cross-head screwdriver and a plastic tool or card, so you don’t scratch the surface of the notebook. V3-575G has 18 screws spread across the bottom side and only one cover for all the upgrade options of the machine.


2. Aaaand another three…

After you’re done with removing all the aforementioned screws, proceed by detaching the DVD drive, which is positioned on the right side. You must do so because there are three more screws under the optical drive. They are securing the bottom cover to the motherboard.


3. Be careful when removing the bottom cover

Be careful when detaching the bottom piece from the motherboard. The card reader has a small cable connected to the panel you’re removing. Other than that, you won’t encounter any other obstacles and you’re presented with the “naked” body.




Upgrade options

Sadly, just like its predecessor, the notebook doesn’t have an M.2 SSD slot and we hope that Acer will address the demands of the users and include one in future generations. You can still swap an SSD for your HDD and put the latter with a bracket for the optical drive. Anyway, as we mentioned earlier, there isn’t a service cover.



The cooling system is very simple – there’s only one cooling fan for both the GPU and CPU. We think that the CPU won’t have any overheating issues even during heavy loads since it is a low-voltage unit. However, you can expect on full in-depth review on the model, in which we’re going to take a closer look not only at the temperatures but at every other important aspect of the notebook.



The components we found in our V3-575G are:

  • HDD: Samsung, 1TB 5400 rpm, ST1000LM024 HN-M101MBB
  • RAM: Kingston ACR16D3LS1KNG/8G
  • Wireless module: Qualcomm Atheros AR5BWB222
  • Battery: Intertek 2350 mAh
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Darrel David
7 years ago

This is a great article and I am actually planning on getting this unit.

One question though. can you give me the part number or model of the dvd? I am gonna replace it with a 2nd hdd caddy/bracket actually so i need to know more info on it. Thanks!

Simeon Nikolov
7 years ago
Reply to  Darrel David

Hey, Darrel!
The information you need is that the DVD is 9.5mm. Here are some caddies from Amazon:

7 years ago

Great article but newbie question– how do I detach the DVD drive so I can get to the final screw to get the cover off?

Calin Brabandt
Calin Brabandt
5 years ago
Reply to  Lou

After removing the 18 screws, the only thing holding the DVD drive in place is a tight friction fit. Accordingly, make sure the drive bay is open before powering down the computer (or use a straightened paper clip to open the drive bay by sticking it into the tiny hole provided for this purpose later). With the drive bay open, I used thin needle nose pliers to grab the stamped metal frame of the drive, which remains inside the laptop chassis when the drive bay is open. Pulling a little from one side and then the other, back and force… Read more »

6 years ago

Please share me what to buy on ram upgrade

6 years ago

Can you make a steps (Video/photos) of replacing ODD to SSD? Thank you sir

6 years ago

My laptop motherboard is broken. Where can i buy a cheaper one to replace my motherboard

5 years ago

I am having Acer v3_575g laptop with problem motherboard. I need to replace it with new one. Can you suggest any link where I can find one please.

5 years ago

hello guys, my laptop keyboard is not working, how to fix it? please help me! my laptop is aspire v 15 v3-575g-79xk

3 years ago

So Just for clarification, because I really wanted an m.2 drive, but you say that this laptop cannot take one. What is that small thing in the middle of the motherboard that looks like a m.2 drive. it is next to the top part of the CD tray in image 5… Can that be exchanged in order to get start up quicker, my one takes like 3-5 minutes to boot up properly…

2 years ago

I Have this laptop. the Software say’s it has 4 So-Dimm slots but similar to this picture, i can only see 2. Can you direct me to the missing 2?